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a special night of dreaming

Egon Schmidt, 10. Oktober 2005
A very special Night of Dreaming

written by Egon, for his only and great love, not found yet, written on Monday 10. of October in 2005,
(written from point of view: Lady in Love with Egon)

Out in the depth of the homeland night,
Her heart and soul began to take a flight,

She stood under the stars with thoughts full of love,
When her soul began to fly like a pure white dove.

Her warm heart began to beat more quickly,
The though of not meeting him made her heart feel sickly,

Although they had never in reality met,
She knew her feelings for him she would never forget.

As she stood there alone out in the cold,
With him, she wanted to grow, have kids, get old,

She imagined the feeling of his tender kiss,
It would fill her with eternal wonderful bliss.

She wanted his strong tender arms around her waist,
She wanted so much his tongue for her to taste,

She wanted to look long and deep into his warm brown eyes,
So she would know his love for her was so great in size.

In his warm quiet eyes she longed to be totally lost,
for these moments of strongest love, She would pay any cost,

His nice warm tender hand she wanted forever to hold,
But she then remembered and knew she was no so bold.

Then she remembered she was little afraid and little shy,
As she looked up to the stars into the deep dark sky,

Her hands yearned for the feeling of his nice skin,
She knew he (Egon) would be her largest win.

The distance was just too great,
The miles between them she did hate,

As her eyes get wet, a tear began to fall,
Her heart, for him, began to cry, loudly call.

She whispered his name tenderly aloud,
Just then she was a (meteoroid) star shoot from behind a cloud,

She felt it must be from heaven a sign,
Then she knew they would be together happy, lucky, .. so fine.

From now on All in future time,
Their hearts could forever chime,

being close Together as one,
As she joined her loved number one.

He placed his hands in this dream on her skin,
In a way a priest would see as a sin,
But god agrees this touch,
as he made them love each other so much,

They loved each other so so so so …. very much
They couldn’t help, but feel, love, kiss, … again and again touch.

She loved his warm, safety, affectionate embrace,
As he placed kisses upon her forehead, hair, face,

Her heart began to race,
At an unsteady pace.

He (Egon) held her (where you are ?) so tight,
As they looked up at the breathless sight,

For the sky was filled up with light,
Their love took them to flight.

They both thanked God above,
For helping them find their one true forever love,

She looked deep into his eyes and whispered “I Love You”
And as her words flew In the ear, Egon whispered “I Love You Too!”

Egon Schmidt


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