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Given a chance !?

Egon Schmidt, 25. Oktober 2005
Given a chance:

by Egon Schmidt

I used to be really happy
I was always in a good mood
But since the day that I meet you
Everything is all screwed

I never thought I’d fall so hard
For a girl that doesn’t love me to
I wish I could go back to the start
Then I could start again with you

Your name is echoing in my mind
Your face is all over the place
And whenever I happen to see you (or your Photo)
My heart quickens up its pace

I wish to here those special words
Those words I want to scream
But I am nothing to you
And I guess I can only dream

If I could take your heart
Miracles would be believable
But you’re heart is forbidden land
And my chances are deceivable

I would do almost anything
Just for you to look my way
I could do almost anything
For you to listen to what I say

Kiss me on my lips and stoke my hair
Take my hand and hold it tight
We could be walking up a golden path
If only you’d treat me right

Every little smile makes me want you
Every little turn makes me cry
What have I done to make you feel this way?
If you hate me (or just need 1000 $) just tell me why

There’s no turning back
I’ll have to deal with what I’ve done
When I turn for some sympathy
I find myself none

Lying in a pitiful heap
The world stepping over me
There’s something there that’s scaring me
Which only I can see

Faces all around smiling at me
But the faces are never yours
I don’t see what’s wrong with me
Coz even you have your flaws

When I try to get up
You knock me back down again
I’m trying my hardest baby
Just to make you my friend

My chances have blown to pieces
Right in front of my face
I’m trapped in the middle of everything
And I can’t leave this place

I can see it in your eyes
You don’t want me around
But my heart soars it’s flying high
And it can’t get back to ground

I’ve been torn up inside before
But never as bad as this
So when I’m aiming as high as you
I always seem to miss

So I can only dream that
One day you will find you are wrong
But until that day I think
That I’ll just have to go on and on !

Egon Schmidt


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