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I Love You endless, my darling

Egon Schmidt, 05. Januar 2007
I have been out walking thru Kiev's streets,
So long until they got tiered - my feet’s,
To search for a perfect matching present for your birthday,
So please Marina - listen - what I will to you say,

I thought about diamonds - in a finger-ring,
I thought about a golden heart on golden chain to bring,
I thought about clothes, shoes, perfume, or a jacket,
I thought even about that you see me half-naked,

I thought about books, DVD, a cinema at home,
I thought about writing a complete book full with poem,
I thought about Dollar, Euro, Rubel and other money,
I thought this is all not good enough for my honey,

Then I came back, tiered, mad, angry, and gone to bed,
I thought what is the best I have ever seen or had,
It should be so special, like Marina, very very unique,
It should match to her beauty, her nice heart - be as fantastic,

Then I thought about BMW, Porsche, HUMMER and Matiz,
But nothing is good enough for her, not really fits,
Then I felt asleep and had a wonderful dream,
Her famous skin was right next to me - so soft as baby-cream,

Her blue diamonds shined bright like the stars at night,
She was never lonely, afraid, cold, sad, and sick; she was all-right,
Then I softly ´took her hand and saw a golden ring with my name,
Then I knew, I am a stupid boy, and I strongly felt a shame,

Because I had it all the time next to me, even in my chest,
And it beats so strong and wild, vibrations all thru my breast,
Then I knew what GOD created for her, for my lady so nice,
It was my big strong warm open heart, this is the price,

This is the perfect present for Marina's birthday, my dear,
Over the time of loneliness, scaring, coldness ... and fear,
I want to give you a great lovely romantic future,
In conjunction to our German - Ukraine nature,

I want to give you my hand, my heart, my ring, my name,
Yes baby, I know then you are my everything, my darling, my flame,
Now I am read to stop "wild things" - to change my life,
Please - please Marina - please get now my wife,

I will carry you on hands, treat you right night and day,
This is a promise, proven by GOD, not just a say,
And I want all of your major dreams come true,
And I like to have two kids, made in LOVE, with you,

We are both Libras, capable of compromises, we can understand,
I believe we will always find the right way, please give me your hand,
I will now strongly learn the language of your mother,
I want to meet your friends, cats, brother and father,

And there is no more reason to doubt or fear,
Listen this is my "all personal" swear,
> Du bist all das was ich so sehr begehre, <
> Du bist genau das, was ich zutiefst verehre, <

So Marina, it's now up to you if this dream comes true,
Then we will be both winners, me and you,
So remember how replaceable a diamond or Porsche will be,
Against a strong good caring lovely family, like the one with you and me,

This is why GOD made man and woman separate,
In perfect supplementary way, to find back way to a commen gate,
So - listen- Marina (Kiss) I love you so very much,
I will never forget your first seeing, kiss or touché,

Like a famous miracle you stormed into my life,
So in future you will be my girlfriend, my cat, my wife,
And even if you say "marry Egon, no never",
One thing I need to state before I go forever,
You will also get the USD 1.000,- for eye-operation,
And you will even get it, if this is our separation,

Because the eye-operation will last for lifetime,
And our LOVE could and will be special, so fine,
Because MARINA, we are both our "key to the luck"
Please give me now a long gentle hug,

Remember, you are my destiny,
And the lady of my fantasy,
I love you, so very much,
Please give me a tender touché!

Yours Egon


Listen, what I am go to say,
Now especially for your birthday,

I love you - if you love me,
We should be a family!

Yours Egon


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