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... whatever xou need ...

Egon Schmidt, 05. Januar 2007
Marina, ....
If you search lips to kiss,
Mine you will never miss,
If you need strong arms to lay in and cry,
The strongest and tenders ones to get, are my,

If you need fingers at your beautifully skin,
Or if you want go out, pizza, or glase of wine,
If you feel bad or good or if you need warm,
I will tenderly warm your body in my arm,

If you are scared or you feel colder,
Relay on me, I am a little older,
If you need a feeling like "getting home"
I will write you another daily poem,

If you need someone to laughs or joke,
Or you need someone to whisper your secret hope,
I will always spent you my hear,
And try to fulfilled, not just hear!

If you need someone go dance, go out,.. Eat ice-cream,
Or of you looking for one, you "will be his dream",
If you wand do sport, go holiday, or swim,
I will always be your win!

If you wand to build a family with a good guy,
It’s 100 % right, with you and I,
If you want wonderful kids, nice home, good love,
My love is endless, Marina my little dove,

If you need a shoulder to lean on, I will be there,
Anytime, anyplace, any-reason, everywhere,
If you need a hand to hold, or to show the way,
I will be with you, hold hand, escort, .. To stay,

If you need to listen an ear,
I will be there like in childhood a "Teddy-Bear",
If you feel pain, are nervous, or fear,
I will be your strong (German) grizzly-bear,

If you need good man, introduce me your family,
With you day and night I am going to be,
Even if you dream about perfect lover like Brad Pitt,
Also then, I will be a perfect fit,

Because I want to be one of the "major points" in your life,
Same as you are my baby, my darling, my love-girl, my wife!

Yours in love



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