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The received Words and dropped Tears

TearOfDarkAngel, 28. August 2008
A few hours ago you still said,
In one Week, we’ll go to eat some ice cream.
A long time ago you also said,
I never should cry because of death.
And never should dropped tears because of you.
But now you lie there.
So crabbily cold,
I never have see you so,
It is like you are a unfamiliar person.
I feel the deep sorrow rising in me,
and the impulse,
to let my tears fall down.
But I want to fulfil your request.
Even when I know,
this means a war with myself.
One last time I coat over your hand,
like you often do it,
when I was sad.
My war begins to make an impact.
The deep sorrow is burning in me,
hotter than the biggest hellfire,
but I keep strong.
My lacrimation isn’t for a long time yet break through the unseen barrage.
But my grieve parents chose the wrong words.
I didn’t hear them,
but I realize the first dropped tear.
And I know I had losen the war.
The tears fell on your sickbed,
on your cold hand,
downward of my face.
I couldn’tt keeping my word,
and I’ll never know how to make good for it,
becauseI’ll never talk with you again.

Please forgive me!
I realized it hardly,
but I was slump down on the floor.
I whisper the last words.
I saw and felt my tears,
and It appeared to do to me,
as Someone became to whisper something to me.

It is all right, you aren’t to be able to help it.

This words hang in the room.
They appeared to come from everywhere and nowhere,
but I was happy about them.

©Patricia R., 11.7.2006
übersetzt: 22.8.2008
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