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the tree of life

Crailer, 17. März 2010
A prophet ones saw in a dream,
a tree which is near by a stream.
A fruit, which is desirable for all who see,
can be found on this marvelous tree.
Many want to reach the tree, but go astray,
because black darkness pulls them away.
But there is a rod of iron, which is help divine.
It leads through the darkness into sunshine.
But a building also attracts the eyes,
which over a big stream lies.
The choice isn't easy and some say it's hard.
But the reward is very different, so the choice needs to be smart.
The building is the wealth of the world and the lands.
It seems very precious until everything ends.
The fruit of the tree seems like stars from above.
Everyone who partakes of it knows, it is God's love.
Never ending is the love of god.
So be smart and hold to the iron rod.


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