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Like a prison

TearOfDarkAngel, 17. Oktober 2010
Like a prison

Once I was smiling,
with lights in my eyes.

Once I enjoyed life,
loved to be where I was.

But today my eyes are full of darkness.
I wake up to see the sunrise,
and wait until sun goes down.

My home became to a prison,
I'm not free anymore.

My life is not where I am,
My heart is lost,
and my soul desires it.

Tears are left,
just like the memories of living.

I want to say 'I love you',
I want to kiss you,
I want to hug you,
and I just want to know,
that I won't have to say Goodbye ever again.

But I can't.
You are everywhere,
but nowhere.      

©TearOfDarkAngel 16.10.2010


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