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Life is too short to belong to the past!

RKellyTp2com, 27. April 2012
Every day we saw in the mirror and think about what we´ve done in our life
We´ve to stop to think about the past and the worse things that past by,
All the bad memories comes out off us and cut us as a knife
We have to stop asking our self why.

Worse things that happened are just therefore to learn about the mistakes
To bring us back on the road of the dream that we´ve reached for,
To bring us back into live by those felt body quakes
Get back out of the black hole step up and into the heaven soar.

Think positive look into the future see what you can do better
Anyone of us has a special thing inside in his own,
Don´t hate for what you have done wrong get off that shelter
Anyone has it even he is grown.

We have to search for what makes our soul find the rest
You will live in happy harmony,
And when you have found out for you what is the best,
In love peace and enjoy the life full of beauty.

Trust in your self work with the properties which are comparing with your skill
And when you find what your heart has searching,
Find the one thing that you drill
Your head and heart will together working.


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